Student News | Win a load of study space goodies from Carphone Warehouse

It’s back to college season, with Fresher’s Week parties happening all over the country. To celebrate the start of a new college year, Carphone Warehouse are offering students the chance to win – a ‘pimp your study space for the year ahead’

The huge prize up for grabs is all of the below:

Samsung GS4

Samsung 19″ TV

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10″

Sky Broadband Unlimited (Paid for 1 year)

Sky Talk Anytime Phone (Paid for 1 year)

Sky TV (Sky World Package)

Lyca Mobile Unlimited (Paid for 1 year)

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Xbox Console

Microsoft Xbox Live (12 Month subscription)

Accessories for Tablet & GS4

Pretty cool eh? For your chance to win, visit the site here and enter.

Note: This competition is run by Carphone Warehouse Ireland and they will announce the winner after the closing date on October 15th 2013.


Technology | Review: Logitech UE 6000 Headphones

ImageAre you in need of a new pair of headphones for commuting and college this year?  Well maybe the Logitech UE 6000 headphones might be what you need.

Swiss technology company Logitech have released their latest pair of high-end headphones with the new Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000.  The headphones are just one of the tech company’s latest releases into the headphone market.

Comfort and look

Starting with the look and feel of the headphones, Logitech have done a good job styling the product with a sharp and simple design.  Available in both black and white versions, the headphones look like the luxury product that would expect in the high-end headphone category.

Unlike other brands, there is very little logo placement on the headphones.  This is a welcome change instead of wearing a pair of headphones covered in text and logos.  The UE 6000’s only carry a simple ‘UE’ silver lettering on each side.

In the box, there is a cushioned carry pouch and a handy cable splitter for sharing music.  The headphones also fold up like sunglasses, allowing you to put them in the travel friendly carry pouch.

When it comes to wearing the headphones, they tick all the boxes.  The memory foam cushions and around-the-ear design allow for maximum comfort.  The UE 6000’s aren’t too heavy or bulky either, which is a bonus for those wanting to commute with a solid pair of headphones.

Audio quality

Now to the important part, the listening test.  During the length of time that I’ve had these headphones, The quality has been perfect and stable.  The around-the-ear design of the cans hit the right note when you add the extra comfort you get from the leather like cushions.

Sometimes with headphones, the quality can vary as some elements lose out to others.  The UE 6000’s offer that clear, crisp sound of vocals and even distribution of bass and percussion instruments on each listen.

The headphones also come with Active noise cancelling technology, which is activated by a switch on the right hand side of the headphones.  When this feature is activated, a green light comes on and the noticeable difference that the audio gets a boost that won’t affect the volume level on your devices.

Sometimes the term ‘noise cancelling’ can be a bit of a gimmick at times, but you can actually notice the effect of the feature with the UE 6000’s.  The only downside with the feature is that you will need two AAA batteries in the left can to operate it.

The detachable cable also has a volume up and down function, along with a play/pause button too.


These headphones were very impressive, as a music lover with a varied taste, I also found them to be up there with other headphones in the same category.  Retailing at €199.99 from Logitech’s website, these headphones would be better than others who retail around the same price.

The quality was stable, the comfort was premier and the price seems justified by the other alternatives in this bracket.  The overall review of the product is that the Logitech UE 6000’s are well worth the buy if you want a good set of headphones.


Student News | US investigative journalist approved for prestigious Fulbright Scholarship to Ireland


Award winning Journalist Anne Driscoll,  has received a Fulbright Scholarship to attend at leading private 3rd level institution, Griffith College for the 2013/14 Academic Year.

Anne Driscoll is in Ireland to support the Irish Innocence Project, which has over 20 live cases under review at the moment.  Anne’s numerous awards for excellence in journalism and her experience in cases of Innocence Projects will be the core area of her lectures and research here in Ireland.

Educational exchange is also core to the Fulbright Programme and this award will create stronger links between Griffith College and the international academic community.

Anne Driscoll is one of just 13 prestigious Fulbright Scholars to come to Ireland this year from the US.  Anne,  who is an award-winning investigative journalist, will join the Griffith College Dublin faculty for the 2013/14 academic year lecturing ‘investigative journalism’ on the BA in Journalism course.  It is believed that Anne Driscoll will also provide guest lectures to both the Journalism and Law Faculties at Griffith College.

The Fulbright Scholarship place will see Anne take leave from her post as senior reporter, where she was investigating wrongful convictions at the Justice Brandeis Innocence Project, in the Schuster Institute for Investigative Journalism, Massachusetts.

A number of Griffith College students are currently on internships with Innocence Projects in the US. The Irish Innocence Project has 20 live cases under review and this number is growing rapidly as new cases continue to present themselves. The project is currently open to Trinity College, DCU and Griffith College students.

Commenting on the appointment, David Langwallner, Dean of Law at Griffith College said: “Anne is a hugely admired and respected journalist and academic. The students in Griffith College will benefit immensely from her international experience. Anne’s important work supports global understanding and exchange of information and techniques about the nature of wrongful convictions and she will greatly assist and support the lawyers in the project.

Back To College: Student Room Essentials

via Griffith Halls

via Griffith Halls

There are many things that students bring to college. From laptops to homemade meals, clothes to speakers, it is often the basic items that are rushed when packing for college.

It can be a costly time for students and families, as they try to sort out fees and accommodation. All the while the extra bit of cash needs to be found for clothes, food and those student nights out.

Although it might not be top of the list when it comes to packing for the big move, the home furnishing essentials can help students settle in their new homes before they start lectures and classes. To make the move from home to halls as smooth as possible, Mark Corry from Harry Corry has created a must-have checklist of student essentials:

Stock up on sheets

It’s unlikely that mum will be calling round to do the washing, so buy an extra bed sheet before leaving home to help cut down on laundry.

Pile up the pillows

Whether it’s resting ahead of an exam or getting some shut eye after a big night out, the right pillow can help get a better night’s sleep. Twin pack pillows provide extra comfort and value for sleepy students who crave the perfect night’s sleep.

Say no to dusty duvets

Instead of packing them off to college with an old, tired duvet, consider an anti-allergy 10.5 tog duvet to keep the warm summer nights in and the colder winter evenings out.

Add a bit of life to your room

Student bedrooms can sometimes be a little lifeless, so consider dialling up the colour with a single or double printed or embroidered duvet set. Not only will it fit their new duvet like a glove, it’ll also give their room a much-needed lift as they head into a new term of lectures and parties…

Stay dry

Don’t forget one of the most important student essentials – towels. As anyone who’s ever lived in shared accommodation knows, you can never have many towels so think about stocking up on several sets to ensure there’s always one handy when the washing starts to pile up!

Nice and tidy

On the subject of washing, it’s likely that clean clothes and dishes won’t be at the top of the student priority list. Try and give them a nudge in the right direction by including some washing up detergent, soap powder and a pack of cloths & dusters. You never know – they might just use them!

Up for a cuppa?

Mugs and cups are a staple of student life, but breakages and lack of cleaning means a clean cup is sometimes hard to find.

These essentials from Harry Corry are a simple way of keeping comfy and at an affordable price too.

Student Essentials Price List.

Fitted Sheets From Only – €4

Extra Value Twin Pack Pillows – €6.50

Single Bed Printed Duvet Set From Only – €8

Single Bed / Bed In a Bag From Only – €10

Single Bed Embroidered Duvet Sets From Only – €11

Anti Allergy 10.5 Tog Duvet From Only – €15.30

To see the range of student packages available, visit one of Harry Corry’s 22 stores across Ireland or visit

Third level colleges to be cut by 15%, according to a report in today’s Irish Times.

Today, the Irish Times reported that the Higher Education Authority (HEA), suggests that the Department of Education should merge a number of colleges in a bid to operate closer links between colleges and institutes of technology.

The report has apparently suggested that “third level colleges should be cut by 15%”, which would mean the number of institutions would be reduced from 39 to 24.  Many academic staff will be skeptical of such a bold plan by the HEA, but the HEA have said that it does not “represent, at this point, the considered conclusions of the HEA”.

The plan would mainly see 14 institutes of technology merge in various regions.

€3 Million extra granted to Student Assistance Fund

20121219-113744 a.m..jpg

The fury of waiting on a bus

This morning it took an age for a number 9/16/122 bus to come, eventually one did though. I made a picture to sum my feelings up.

20121211-112837 a.m..jpg

What College is really like.

So your wondering what a day in the life of a student is like?  Well here is a quick video to demonstrate!





Summery of recent posts

Since I started this blog, i’ve said quite a lot, some of which you will have heard before.  But to give you a different source of opinion and advice, here’s a short video by The Irish Times and The Union of Students in Ireland.




That moment when you finish an essay

Last week, I finished a Social Studies Essay and after completing such a momentous task, I made a picture. I think this picture represents the feeling when you complete any essay.

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